Balkanisation/Balkanization (noun) – the process of dividing a country or a larger region into smaller areas where people all dislike or fight each other. Balkanise/Balkanize (verb) – to divide a region/territory into smaller hostile areas. Balkanisation – a geopolitical pejorative term with such a sinister meaning. It was coined in the early 19th century, accordingContinue reading “Balkanisation”

Beauty of Different Languages…

Dobrý den! It was very pleasant to hear a language different from English and a little bit similar to my native one – Serbian. I make a living from teaching English but let’s preserve and nourish our native languages, too! “If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to hisContinue reading “Beauty of Different Languages…”


My my!  Love or delusion… makes one seriously sick, too… Lovesick (ness) – unable to think about anything except the person who you love, especially when your love is not reciprocated; missing the person one loves, being unable to behave normally. Unrequited love – one-sided love or love that is not reciprocated. Infatuation or being smitten –Continue reading “Lovesickness”


From a weapon to an aggressive woman… Battle-axe (woman) – an unpleasant and frightening woman with a strong opinion. Battle-axe – a term, generally considered pejorative, describes an aggressive, bossy woman with determined attitude. I could not find an exact etymology of the term but the temperance activist Carrie Nation, known for attacking alcohol-serving establishmentsContinue reading “Battle-axe”

Desert vs Dessert

Homonym and Homophones Desert /ˈdezə(r)t/ (noun) a large area of land covered with sand or rocks, with little water and few plants *The Sahara Desert Desert /dɪˈzɜː(r)t/ (verb) to leave the army without permission with no intention of returning *He deserted the army without thinking of the consequences. to leave someone without help or inContinue reading “Desert vs Dessert”