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”When the heart speaks, its language is the same under all latitudes.” – Ella Maillart

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Vesna is a non-native ESL teacher whose job became a great passion and way to communicate with the whole world! Therefore, let’s study together all those confusing things about the English language!

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The moment when I realized that the language of the heart is more important than any other in this world… ❤

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…But the human tongue is a beast that few can master. It strains constantly to break out of its cage, and if it is not tamed, it will run wild and cause you grief.”
― Robert Greene, The 48 Laws of Power 

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Hi! I am Vesna. I am from the Balkans Peninsula, Southeastern Europe. I graduated in English language and literature. However, I never wanted to be a teacher. Then it happened and it opened a whole new world to me. By teaching my students, I am the one who has learned. ESL teaching became my lifestyle. And now I enjoy it!

Therefore, let’s learn English together!

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