Justice for a virago😊 from a heroic woman warrior to an aggressive and bossy one…

Virago – a violent, unpleasant woman who gets annoyed or angry easily.

Virago – a pejorative word which describes a woman who is loud, bad-tempered, getting angry easily or telling other people what to do.  The word comes from the Latin word ‘virāgō’ meaning ‘vigorous’. It was derived from ‘vir’ meaning ‘man’ or ‘man-like’ and the suffix -āgō, becoming a new noun with feminine grammatical gender.

Obviously, in ancient times a ‘virago’ had a very noble and favourable meaning, being used to describe female warrior or a woman of strength and courage. According to some dictionaries, one of the first known pejorative uses of ‘virago’ was recorded in the 14th century.

Unfortunately, I could not find any reliable information or explanation what happened in the meantime and how exactly this word got such a negative connotation. 


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